Problems Evaluated

CareNow speacializes in the evaluation and treatment of the following mental health disorders and concerns
  • Depression or Mood instability
  • Dementia/Confusion/Anxiety
  • Acute Behavioral changes Related to Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia
  • Psychosis
  • Dealing with grief
  • Changes in sleep pattern and appetite
  • Irritability
  • Emotional sensitivity and vulnerability

CareNow offers Comprehensive on-site services using multidisciplinary treatment approach in safe, and convenient nursing facility environment
  • Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment
  • Medication Management and Monitoring
  • Individualized person centered treatment planning and Consultation
  • 24/7 On-Call Crisis Coverage
  • Individual and Group Psychotherapy
  • Assistance with psychiatric hospitalization when imminent/needed
  • Implementation of Behavior Management programs
  • Telepsychiatry
  • Staff development/education/training
  • Case management with client/families/advocates

CareNow provides timely, consistent continuity of care, provided before treatable problems become costly emergencies
  • Increase compliance with OBRA, Medicare and JACHO Guidelines
  • Reduce usage of psychotropic medications whenever possible.
  • Implement behavior management programs before crisis occurs
  • Improve staff members knowledge of mental illness/ performance and decrease staff turn-over.
  • Assist in early detection of potentially harmful medical complications, and reduce the need to transfer residents for in-patient psychiatric treatment.
Join our maillist to know about the CareNow

"I have had more than my share of the rollercoaster ride of getting proper mental health intervention in a timely manner for residents.  CareNow staff is efficient and effective.  They truly live up to their name by providing Care Now!"  


By Priscilla Rahman | Director of Social Services, Pinehill Nursing Home

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